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Bougie Restaurants Highlights

The term bougie is a French word meaning a thin candle, but when referring to a restaurant, bougie, is American slang for fancy or splashy. A bougie restaurant is a place meant for the middle class and higher, the kinds of restaurants that have an ambiance that makes you want to clean your shoes before you walk in. It’s the sort of restaurant you get dressed up for in a lovely dress or suit. Just to be clear, the dress code is not a written rule, but it’s just one of the ways to know if a restaurant is considered bougie or not. If your friend invites you out and you feel the need to dress fancy for a place then that place is definitely bougie.

All bougie restaurants are classy, from

All bougie restaurants are classy, from the service out front to the services inside. Some have valets outside to park your car for you, a service that hardly happens in a diner or a fast-food restaurant. If anyone offers to park your car at a McDonald’s, you would probably think they wanted to steal your car. Splashy restaurants go all out on the d├ęcor, they invest in chandeliers, expensive cutlery, tables made from rich wood. Their servers dress in a tux and are always polite to their customers. You can’t just walk into a bougie restaurant and expect to find a table, most work through reservations. Some are booked even months in advance, so if you’re planning to have a date in a bougie restaurant, start booking as soon as today.

Bougie Restaurants Highlights

Fine dining establishments have a sense of order, pre-arrangements for their customers, consider yourself lucky if you ever walked into a bougie spot and got a table. Bougie likes to live up to their word by being exclusive, making it hard for just about anyone to eat there. When something is difficult to get, it makes a person want it more. It’s basically their marketing strategy to get recognized. Bougie restaurants need to sell themselves since their meals are expensive as compared to casual eateries.

Their target market is people who are willing to spend a lot more than a few dollars. People who do not mind paying extra to eat a rare dish or food type. Caviar is not served just anywhere, but wherever you spot a place that serves the rare food, it is considered to be ‘bougie’. High-end restaurants hire skilled chefs to cook for their customers. The chefs there prepare new or old meals depending on orders and are assisted by several other cooks. Staff at a bougie restaurant are trained on how to handle customers, fold up napkins and setup for romantic dates, business dinners or lunches.

Fancy establishments mostly have a relaxing ambiance of slow music playing and candlelights on each table to give it a personal touch. Most also have outdoor tables for customers who would like to have their meals while enjoying a breeze or under the stars. They go for more under toned colors like gray, warm brown, which give a welcoming feeling to their clients. Treat yourself to a fancy restaurant, and enjoy all that ‘bougie’ has to offer.

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