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What Makes A Hotel Different From Restaurant

Hotels are meant to accommodate people who may travel out from their homes to other destinations. This can be for a short stay or long-duration depending on the individual’s program. But, hotels are no longer just meant for travelers, others can decide to go and spend time in a hotel just to have some relaxation with friends or family members. Certain key features make a hotel different from a restaurant although hotels may also restaurants inside. Most modern hotels are constructed with a restaurant inside. This is intended to reduce the time as well as stress of people moving around to search for a place to eat. It is also for security reasons that most hotels have decided to include a section for a restaurant to make it easy for their clients.

Other restaurants are trying to upgrade

Other restaurants are trying to upgrade by adding lodging facilities to accommodate clients that may need some rest, maybe for a few hours. Most restaurants have upgraded to hotel standards by adding facilities like playing grounds, swimming pools, and other amenities, especially for children. But there are still major differences that distinguish a hotel from a restaurant as follows: A hotel usually has rooms compared to a restaurant, these are lodging faculties that can accommodate more than 50 people at once. Most standard hotels have a car park that can take more than 50 cars, tied security, and other hotel staff to take care of cleaning the rooms.

What Makes A Hotel Different From Restaurant

With a restaurant, the number of staff members is limited to stewards and cooks usually not more than 7 staff depending on the size of the restaurant. In a hotel, there is usually more staff needed to clean the rooms, toilets, and surroundings. Hotels can employ more than 50 staff to take care of daily routines and other chores that may be requested by customers. In most nations hotels are categorized, there are 4 and 5-star hotels with each having unique features. The greater the star rating, the more advanced facilities and services you are expected to see. 5-star hotels are the most expensive usually with some advanced services that are not possible with small hotels.

The restaurant doesn’t have such ratings, they are limited to serving customers with food and drinks. In most cases, when you hear of a restaurant, what comes to mind is a place to eat in case you are hungry. Hotels are designed to offer sleeping or relaxation facilities, there others that can have a small restaurant attached to attend to customers that may need food to eat. Most hotels are now being constructed with a restaurant attached because customers may want to eat even late at night. Driving out late hours to get food can be risky for clients.

This is the main reason why hotels have decided to include food services to ensure they don’t stress their customers. Hotels are usually bigger than restaurants based on the services they provide. They can include social amenities like a film show, shopping complex, swimming pool, and a children’s playground. The restaurant doesn’t have such faculties as they only provide services related to food or catering.

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